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Our Theory of Change

In this decisive decade, the need to shift to an inclusive, net zero economy could not be more urgent or important. This requires collective effort by business, government, civil society and citizens. To turn this vision into reality, BSR works to mainstream sustainable business practices in the global economy by promoting business transformation and powerful collaborations that take progress to scale. The role of business is to create and deliver products and services in a way that treats people fairly, meets peoples’ needs and aspirations within the boundaries of our planet, and encourages market and policy frameworks that enable a sustainable future. BSR’s role is to provide insights which help business leaders see a changing world more clearly, advice to create long-term strategic value, and collaborations that scale impact.

Carlow Consulting, LLC

Carlow Consulting, LLC provides companies with the tools to successfully navigate between investor expectations, ESG, risk management and company reporting demands. We provide guidance and policy development on ESG frameworks and diversity for Boards and investors. We also work with companies and investors to support effective engagement.

Sustainable investor relations services

Carlow Consulting, LLC provides a spectrum of services to companies, starting with recommendations for creating an ESG program. As a company begins to consider establishing a program, we help them evaluate the commitment by the Board of Directors and C-Suite Officers, develop corporate policies and guidelines to support the ESG program, review investor, employee or customer sentiments for sustainable business practices, and provide tools to address stakeholder feedback. We  help companies develop their sustainability reporting and disclosures, tailored to their business model and industry.

We provide assistance with tailoring ESG measures to their company and development of their sustainability disclosure reporting under the relevant reporting standards. We help them interpret the rankings and ratings from service providers and take into account investors’ views on sustainability.

cometis AG

cometis AG is a leading IR & ESG specialist consultancy in Germany. With over 20 years of know-how in capital market communications, we constantly set new standards in Investor Relations, with competent local contacts in all relevant financial markets in Europe and beyond. Relying on a broad skillset in both financial and non-financial communication approaches, we support our clients in reaching their ambitious IR goals.

Sustainable investor relations services

  • ESG Strategy: Aside from client-tailored ESG Workshops we offer individual ESG strategy consultancy services to provide clients with a clear-cut roadmap on how to get their ESG efforts kick-started.
  • ESG (Rating) Advisory: What to report on? With our ESG Rating & Peergroup analysis clients get a clearer picture on what ESG data they should collect and provide – and how to do it in the most efficient way possible, including support in ESG project management.
  • ESG Analysis: What do your stakeholders want? We analyze this, among other things, by looking at investment guidelines and voting polices and by conducting a thorough ESG materiality analysis with direct stakeholder involvement.
  • ESG Reporting: Once all relevant data is collected, the growing demands by different stakeholders for a structured ESG have to be met. With 20 years of capital market reporting expertise, we are able to provide competent support for ESG reports, websites, presentations, factsheets and other relevant formats.
  • ESG Investor Access: We help clients with the organization and preparation of ESG Roadshows to convince potential and existing investors of the company’s equity story in a direct exchange. We identify and approach potential ESG investors, organize the roadshows (virtually and in-person) and prepare clients for ESG-focused conference calls.

Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship is a global consulting firm specialising in responsible and sustainable business, working with companies to accelerate change towards a future where our society and planet can thrive.

For over 20 years they have been helping clients develop and implement strategies focused on long-term value creation for all stakeholders. Sustainable investor relations services We believe that IR and Sustainability have a shared ambition: to create sustained, long-term value for a company’s shareholders and stakeholders. Our services focus on identifying the barriers and seeking solutions to closer cooperation, enabling a mindset shift within corporations. With heightened investor expectation for companies to disclose ESG related risks and ambition, we help companies create the correct ESG strategy for their business and to articulate the important ESG factors for long-term business success.

Informed by our dynamic materiality process, we help companies to demonstrate a link between ESG performance and long-term commercial success by:

  • Internally, bridging the disconnect between Investor Relations and Corporate Responsibility / Sustainability teams to help define, measure and communicate ESG performance.
  • Externally, to align the financially material ESG factors of both the company and their investors, ensuring reliable disclosure of financially material ESG factors and risk disclosures, for instance health, environment and workforce, that are making their way into financial statements.

Working internationally from five locations, we help global and regional businesses create the strategy and practical steps to better engage the right investors on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. We are committed to ensuring long-term thinking becomes the norm for all businesses.

Curley Global IR, LLC

Curley Global IR, LLC (CGIR) ensures that public companies – and those about to go public – have the right Investor Relations (IR), Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) and Corporate Governance frameworks in place, are targeting the right audiences, and are balancing appropriate risk mitigation.

Sustainable investor relations services

Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG)

  • Management training regarding business case, investor-sensitivity analysis to assess shareholder profile risk, and investor trends focused on ESG issues (C-suite and Board level)

  • Comprehensive materiality and gap assessment of existing ESG initiatives; outcome yields a robust set of CUSTOMIZED recommendations for each client regarding disclosure and potential new initiatives

  • Creation / management of an in-house cross-functional committee, to serve as overseer and advance corporate initiatives

  • Creation / management of audit control framework, including reporting structure and presentations to Board Committees, associated with Enterprise Risk Management assessments

  • Advise on Social and Governance initiatives; access to thought leaders in Environmental sphere for specific expertise

  • Completion of investor-, customer-, and supplier-driven surveys, working with internal teams

E-Square Inc.

We are convinced that a future in which myriads of living beings coexist on this Earth while all people enjoy a prosperous life is created through the choices we make today. Established in 2000, our firm provides sustainability advisory services including CSR management support, ESG data disclosure support, internal education, overseas expansion and business development, and information sharing through its corporate network.

Sustainable investor relations services

We emphasize the importance of disclosing the information, as well as promoting the sustainable initiatives.

We provide information to companies on the importance of ESG, trends of institutional investors on sustainable investment, the evaluated points, and the importance of the ESG data disclosure. We provide advice on ESG factors identified by ESG data providers as our core service of advisory on sustainability strategy so that our clients can improve the rating by promoting the sustainability initiative and disclosing the required elements.


ERM is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting services and sustainability related services. We work with the world's leading organizations, delivering innovative solutions and helping them to understand and manage their sustainability challenges. To do this, we have more than 5,500 people in over 40 countries and territories working out of more than 160 offices.

Sustainable investor relations services

ERM has a proven track record in working with clients across a wide range of industries to define and deliver corporate sustainability strategies, reports, and other stakeholder disclosures that drive business performance.

ERM collaborates closely with leading international organizations, such as the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, US Business Council for Sustainable Development, and Global Reporting Initiative, to ensure we are helping clients follow the latest global developments and industry best practices. ERM is a GRI-certified training partner - true experts in applying the GRI Standards.

We work with clients to: define their material issues and corresponding metrics; design and implement information solutions to compile information efficiently and accurately; engage internal and external stakeholders; and develop written reports and websites with appropriate content to address key audiences and messaging.

We also help companies respond to other disclosures, including the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the Carbon Disclosure Project, and other investor and customer-specific requests. By optimizing the data collection and disclosure processes, we drive efficiency and minimize costs.

By partnering with ERM, reporting on sustainability performance becomes much more than a communications exercise. It becomes a powerful tool that helps organizations crystallize their sustainability strategy, mitigate risks, improve sustainability and operational performance, strengthen internal management systems, and enhance relationships with key stakeholders.

ESG Global Advisors Inc.

ESG Global Advisors bridges the gap between companies and investors on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. A multi-disciplinary team with significant investor and corporate experience, we are uniquely positioned to offer expert advice to companies seeking to communicate effectively to the capital markets on the material ESG factors that influence risk or drive long-term value, including climate change.

Sustainable investor relations services

It can be challenging for companies to respond to emerging investor expectations on ESG governance, strategy, risk management and reporting. Navigating a confusing landscape of ESG requirements, standards, disclosure frameworks, ratings, questionnaires and engagement approaches is difficult and time-consuming. It can all feel like a moving target.

ESG Global Advisors helps companies to understand ESG, determine which ESG factors are relevant to their unique circumstances, develop a strategy to address ESG expectations, and communicate effectively on ESG to their investors.

How we can help:

  • ESG and climate change education focusing on investor expectations
  • ESG disclosure benchmarking against peers
  • Analysis of third-party ESG research and ratings
  • ESG and climate change materiality assessment
  • ESG governance
  • ESG strategy development
  • ESG integration in risk management processes
  • ESG metrics and targets
  • ESG-related reporting frameworks, including:
    • Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
    • Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)
    • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
    • CDP (Climate Change, Water and Forests questionnaires)
  • Investor-focused ESG reporting and communications (including SASB, TCFD and GRI-aligned reporting)

Our team is drawn from institutional investment, corporate and consulting backgrounds, and includes experts in governance, shareholder engagement, law, sustainability accounting, climate-related financial risk and disclosure, environmental science, and social development issues.


Creative ESG product design (asset managers, data providers), ESG Ratings deconstructions (corporates, consultants), ESG media and messaging without pretense (podcasting).


G&A Institute, Inc

G&A Institute serves as a bridge between the corporate community and the financial services sector.  We help corporations in their sustainability journeys, from start for some to continued enhancement of efforts for others seeking to attain corporate sustainability leadership.  An important element of that is winning in the competition for capital

Sustainable investor relations services

Publicly-traded corporations have a public “ESG profile” whether they work at shaping that profile (and perceptions) on an active basis or not.  Our typical client recognizes that the public profile shapes perceptions, reputation, valuation, access to and cost of capital; makes impressions on their customer and prospect base; and serves as measure of management and culture of the enterprise if they are employees/or seeking a position with the company. A primary consideration for much of our work is the views of the public company held by asset owners, asset managers, financial analysts, investor coalitions, and other stakeholders.  We have a comprehensive suite of services that help companies shape and enhance the views held by investors regard the firm’s ESG profile.

Hindsight Consultancy Ltd

Hindsight Consultancy was started in 2016 by James Hulse, a former trader and fund manager who set up the world’s first climate change hedge fund in 2007 and has since worked for NGOs including CDP, where he ran their Forests program and the Investor team. Clients include a leading credit ratings agency, asset managers and owners, companies and NGOs.

Sustainable investor relations services

With a background of working for financial institutions, Hindsight can help companies to understand what investors and banks actually want. We have worked with companies on their sustainability disclosure as well as looking strategically at where disclosure is heading and which investor initiatives are important. We can help companies sift through the myriad of disclosure frameworks and benchmarks to focus on key initiatives and ensure that companies are providing the right information in the best format.

InterAxS Global

InterAxS Global is an independent provider of industry and corporate access in ESG and Sustainable Investing.  We also arrange events across multiple sectors / themes and provide outsourcing opportunities to buy side, sell side and corporates.

Sustainable investor relations services

ESG roadshow origination and execution

Investor events on sustainability

Investor targeting 

IRO and Sustainability team strategy and communication planning 

JLC Investor Relations

JLC Investor Relations helps companies understand and strengthen their relationship with investors. We provide an expert, independent perspective as the “investor in the room”, drawing on the team’s wealth of experience across fund management, equity analysis, investor relations, corporate governance, stewardship, Board interaction and ESG analysis. We pride ourselves on being flexible and pragmatic; clients benefit from an entirely bespoke approach and deep, actionable insight.

Sustainable investor relations services

As former institutional investors we have decades of experience in discussions with companies and boards about material future influences on their business. This broad expertise, combined with over five years’ ESG analysis which originated on the buyside, is uniquely valuable and drives our approach as advisors today.

We help companies develop, benchmark and communicate their ESG metrics and performance to encourage more effective dialogue with investors. We have deep market understanding of what influences investors’ decision-making, including the role and methodology of ratings agencies.

We have undertaken over 100 buyside company specific ESG reviews exploring topics such as sustainability, environmental controls, board structure and tax policy. Most importantly we understand how ESG factors link into operational best practice, strategy and how it should be communicated in the investment case.

We offer a comprehensive range of services which are entirely bespoke and extremely practical in nature:

  • Current status assessment – detailed review of ESG principles, disclosure, data points and overall approach
  • Benchmarking vs peers and best practice
  • Review of ratings agencies ESG scores to identify gaps, providing guidance on how to achieve a “fair” score
  • Appraisal of key shareholders’ approach to ESG
  • Specialist ESG Investor Perception studies
  • Board education
  • IPO preparation

Leaders Arena

Leaders Arena is an ESG-focused independent advisory firm that leverages 30+ years of direct ESG, Investor Relations and Corporate Governance experience. Based in the UK and the US, we help companies maximize the impact of their ESG-related initiatives. Our clients come to us seeking unbiased guidance and hands-on support. With highly customisable programmes, we deliver ongoing support that creates tangible value for our clients.

Sustainable investor relations services

Leaders Arena provides a full range of consultancy services, tactical support, ESG research and SRI perception studies which have been designed to empower companies to better communicate their sustainability story to the market. We look at ESG from an investor lens having worked with and for institutional investors: we know how ESG investors think and what they want.

Amidst growing investor expectations on companies, Leaders Arena guarantees unparalleled client focus in the corporate advisory space. We bring an independent, outside view to supplement company internal resources and knowledge allowing clients to maintain control of their own practices and communication strategy.

For us, every client is different and therefore we offer tailored solutions as opposed to ‘one-size-fits-all’ services. We care about our clients and provide holistic support to their needs. We have helped companies across sectors and supported hundreds of professionals responsible for ESG communications. Get in touch to learn how you can benefit from our unique support:

Next Level Investor Relations LLC

Next Level Investor Relations LLC (NLIR) is a U.S.-based consultancy that advises publicly-traded companies in competitive positioning and strategic focus, bridging internal program successes across Investor Relations, ESG/Sustainability and Stakeholder Communications to help our clients attain new impactful public communications performance levels.  We care that our client’s IR-ESG-SC positioning captures strategic opportunities and real returns.

Sustainable investor relations services

NLIR is hired by client companies for custom engagements to help them focus on the most impactful near-term, mid-term and longer-term opportunities.  We develop an ESG/CSR strategic vision, approach and execution roadmap toward performance progress and improvement that is right-sized for the individual client company.  We provide updates and recommendations to reflect emerging external trends and stakeholder influences.

We help our clients approach ESG/CSR as a strategic opportunity in competition for capital, constructive stakeholder perception and risk mitigation.  We assist clients at any stage in their company’s ESG journey to take its positioning to the next level.  We support our clients to:

  • Understand the competitive arena germane to practical ESG/CSR consideration.
  • Prioritize and focus attention to the most material or competitively important information.
  • Organize and effectively present information that already exists and then expand.
  • Aspire to increased performance and third-party ratings improvements.
  • Address ESG hot topics and issues management.
  • Develop sustainability reports, topic-specific collaterals, and/or website navigation and content enhancements.

Competitive benchmarking and best practices assessments are foundational in our approach to provide customized strategic advice and ESG/CSR briefings suited to each company’s particular circumstances.  We support internal ESG working groups and leadership teams to develop self-sufficient internal ESG/CSR organization.

SquareWell Partners

SquareWell Partners is an advisory firm supporting publicly-listed companies to engage with their shareholders on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics. SquareWell monitors investors’ behaviour with the aim of providing investor-focused advice, grounded in precedents and facts, to help companies prioritize their ESG efforts vis-à-vis the expectations/preferences of their shareholders as well as key research and ratings firms.

Sustainable investor relations services

Sustainable investor relations services provided by SquareWell include:

  • Detailed analysis of a company’s ESG practices. SquareWell evaluates the company’s ESG practices against a set of material ESG factors based on the expectations of large institutional investors. SquareWell’s analysis helps companies to identify their ESG strengths and weaknesses, benchmarking their performance against investors’ expectations and preferences.
  • Definition of a company’s ESG message to investors. Based on a deep knowledge of investors’ expectations with respect to specific ESG topics, SquareWell helps companies tailor their ESG messaging to the preferences of each single investor. SquareWell’s advice helps companies anticipate investors’ concerns and highlight their ESG strengths.
  • Prioritization of a company’s ESG engagement. SquareWell assists companies in the prioritisation of ESG-related engagement activities with the company’s investors, taking into account the company’s ESG performance and the expectations and preferences of its top investors. SquareWell also helps companies in identifying who are the key engagement and ESG professionals with whom they should engage with at each investor.
  • Addressing ESG resolutions at general meetings. SquareWell helps companies in defending against ESG resolutions put forward at their shareholder meetings, providing intelligence on their top investors’ sensitivity to each proposal type. SquareWell also helps companies to engage with the influencers, whether it be research providers, investor-led initiatives, non-profit organizations, etc.


SRI-CONNECT is the online research and communications network for the sustainable investment industry.  It has >6,500 members (including >850 from listed companies) is free to join and is open to those with professional exposure to the sustainable investment value chain - including IROs and senior CSR managers.

Sustainable investor relations services

Many of SRI-CONNECT's sustainable investor relations services are free - see here for SRI-CONNECT's services for companies.

The network's position as the central research and communications hub for sustainable investment enables us to support companies with investor and analyst targeting and with the organisation of sustainability results webinars and roadshows.

Likewise the network's position as the hub for industry research enables us to understand the issues of primary interest to investors and analysts - thereby enabling us to help companies develop and position their sustainability messaging for investors.