Granito Group

Granito Group

Business overview

Founded in 2015, the Granito Group is a financial services organization specialized in the sustainable economy. It works alongside its clients on ESG strategic consulting, financial advisory (placement and project finance), and policy & research. It operates from London and Sao Paulo.

Sustainable Investor Relations Services 

Our ESG strategic consulting practice designs and implements comprehensive ESG architectures for financial institutions (culture, strategy, organizational transformation, investment processes, portfolio construction methods, metrics, communication and outreach). We also work with regulators in the design of ESG policies, guidelines and standards. We have delivered projects in Europe and Latin America.


Our financial advisory and capital raising practice is one of the world’s largest devoted exclusively to ESG. We raise debt and equity capital for responsible and sustainable funds, companies, and greenfield projects (typically we raise above US$100M per asset). We have worked with leading asset managers and financial institutions in Europe, Latin America and United States.


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