Business overview

Datamaran is the only software analytics platform in the world that identifies and monitors external risks, including ESG.

Trusted by blue-chip companies and top tier partners, it brings a data-driven business process for external risk and materiality analysis. In house - at any time. Datamaran’s patented technology offers real-time analytics on strategic, regulatory and reputational risks, specific to your business and value chain. Sustainable investor relations services ESG considerations are now material to all investible companies – and there is increasing evidence of a relationship between those material criteria and stock performance. Yet, traditional approaches to analyzing ESG risks and opportunities are riddled with challenges, including analyses based on subjective judgments and incomplete data.

Most companies lack a solid and formalized process to identify and monitor material issues. In today's rapidly changing market, manual data analysis, ad-hoc Google searches, inconsistent ratings and rankings, and temporary consultants don’t cut it. Datamaran offers the only automated and data-driven and digitally-enabled solution for the identification, prioritization and monitoring of material ESG issues. Powered by patented technology, the software automates the analysis of different stakeholder views and offers a clear view of strategic, regulatory and reputational risks - current and emerging.


Donato Calace, VP of Accounts and Innovation

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