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CMi2i is a leader in capital markets intelligence, specialising in the world’s most accurate Equity & Debtholder identification service. As an issuer agent, CMi2i supports issuers and their advisors with investor relations, M&A, shareholder activism, ESG, capital restructuring and reputation management goals. The company has supported more than 1000 corporate transactions, 1200 AGMs and has over 500 clients worldwide.

Sustainable investor relations services

ESG Data Included in Shareholder ID Reports CMi2i identifies ESG fund investment using industry-leading Morningstar ESG data. We also include PRI and Climate 100 signatory information for each fund. We show the investment of each fund in the issuer over time. ESG Insights The ESG Insights Report looks at an issuer’s ESG investment in-depth, including opportunities for increasing it. Specifically, we look at ESG investment relative to peers over time, and by geography. We show how much investment is considered 'ESG' and if the issuer is overweight or underweight relative to its peer group. The report also looks at the key ESG indices, identifying those that the issuer and peers are on and absent from, as well providing a clear list of ESG fund opportunities, with contact details. ESG Full View The ESG Full View Report is a comprehensive examination of how the issuer is viewed by the capital markets on ESG performance. Like the Insights Report, it includes a peer analysis, and a list of all ESG investment opportunities. It goes much further however, talking a look at the causes behind the investment, or lack thereof, with specific examples and recommendations as to what the issuer may do to capitalise on all ESG opportunities. The report specifically looks at the four M's - Mapping, Materiality, Measuring and Marketing & Communications.


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