Introduction to sustainable investment and ESG

Sustainable investment or ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) can often seem like a foreign language to company managers with rules and expectations that have never been fully explained. In the three short videos below, we demystify the sustainable investment industry for investor relations officers and for sustainability professionals.

Over the past ten years, sustainable investment / ESG has grown rapidly from being a niche concern for specialist interest groups into a strategic priority for most major asset managers globally.

In this short video, Mike Tyrrell of SRI-CONNECT describes the fundamentals and the recent evolution of this emerging force in global capital markets.

Investor relations officers often avoid sustainable investor communications because they worry that it requires knowledge that they don't have about issues that they don't understand.

In this video, James Hulse of Hindsight Consultancy presents the basic concepts in sustainable development in a way that should enable an investor relations officer to open a dialogue confidently with investors on this subject.

Equally, importantly James highlights what IROs do NOT need to know.

Sustainability professionals within companies don't need to be investment experts; that's the job of specialist investor relations officers.  Having, however, a basic understanding of the investment process can significantly improve how they support their IR colleagues communicate on sustainability issues to investors.

In the video below, Aline Reichenberg Gustafsson of Nordsip and SITA shares some very basic information about investment practices to get sustainability professionals started in their understanding of investment.