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Hiro Motoki
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

We are convinced that a future in which myriads of living beings coexist on this Earth while all people enjoy a prosperous life is created through the choices we make today. Established in 2000, our firm provides sustainability advisory services including CSR management support, ESG data disclosure support, internal education, overseas expansion and business development, and information sharing through its corporate network.

Sustainable investor relations services

We emphasize the importance of disclosing the information, as well as promoting the sustainable initiatives.

We provide information to companies on the importance of ESG, trends of institutional investors on sustainable investment, the evaluated points, and the importance of the ESG data disclosure. We provide advice on ESG factors identified by ESG data providers as our core service of advisory on sustainability strategy so that our clients can improve the rating by promoting the sustainability initiative and disclosing the required elements.