Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

Business overview

Corporate Citizenship is a global consulting firm specialising in responsible and sustainable business, working with companies to accelerate change towards a future where our society and planet can thrive.

For over 20 years they have been helping clients develop and implement strategies focused on long-term value creation for all stakeholders. Sustainable investor relations services We believe that IR and Sustainability have a shared ambition: to create sustained, long-term value for a company’s shareholders and stakeholders. Our services focus on identifying the barriers and seeking solutions to closer cooperation, enabling a mindset shift within corporations. With heightened investor expectation for companies to disclose ESG related risks and ambition, we help companies create the correct ESG strategy for their business and to articulate the important ESG factors for long-term business success.

Informed by our dynamic materiality process, we help companies to demonstrate a link between ESG performance and long-term commercial success by:

  • Internally, bridging the disconnect between Investor Relations and Corporate Responsibility / Sustainability teams to help define, measure and communicate ESG performance.
  • Externally, to align the financially material ESG factors of both the company and their investors, ensuring reliable disclosure of financially material ESG factors and risk disclosures, for instance health, environment and workforce, that are making their way into financial statements.

Working internationally from five locations, we help global and regional businesses create the strategy and practical steps to better engage the right investors on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. We are committed to ensuring long-term thinking becomes the norm for all businesses.


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